Become One of PoCo Community’s First 50

Building upon PoCo Pride and in conjunction with Port Coquitlam’s 100 year Anniversary, the Port Coquitlam Community Foundation is pleased to announce its “First Fifty” initiative. Already heavily subscribed, this program offers the opportunity to be recognized as one of the first fifty individuals, businesses and/or organizations to show support by donating one thousand dollars ($1,000) or more has caught the attention of our community. Through the foundation, individuals and organizations will be able to create lasting legacies for Port Coquitlam by contributing to endowment funds that will fulfill a broad range of community needs and opportunities, including: – Sports, fitness and recreation – Arts, culture and heritage – Assistance to the homeless – The environment – Community safety – Enhancing community spirit and quality of life. The funds will be made available to local organizations through a grant process. Donors may in some cases be able to direct their funds to individual community organizations through the foundation. Appreciation is extended to the all-volunteer Board of Directors for all the hours and hard work donated to the creation of the foundation. The inaugural board is made up of a diverse group of volunteers drawn from our community, including Janine Davies (President), Ron Csermak (Vice-President), Roger Fast (Treasurer), and Directors John Diack, Clayton Derochie, Johanne Dumas, Guy LaPierre, Margaret Owens, James Conn, Tom Ramsay and Ingmar Wilkens. City Councillor, Michael Wright also sits on the Board as City Liaison.