Start a Fund

Personalize Your Giving Plan by Establishing a Fund

The Port Coquitlam Community Foundation offers flexible options that will help you establish a fund. You can create the kind of community impact you are seeking and be involved as it best suits you.

All our funds allow you to invest in causes that interest you. And you can participate in how your funds are distributed, or have the foundation distribute your funds through our annual grants program on your behalf.

Donors work with us –as an alternative* to setting up a private foundation –because we are deeply connected to the community and we make it easier and more affordable to set up.

* Discover the benefits of working through your Community Foundation versus setting up your own private foundation or commercial donor advised fund.

Establish a Donor Advised Fund

Establishing a Donor Advised Fund allows you to make grants to any registered Canadian charity, while having the option to change your wishes at any time. This is a popular way to give through community foundations. Similar to a private foundation, a Donor Advised Fund enables individuals and families to establish a charitable endowment fund, receive a donation tax receipt and then recommend grants over time.

Establish a Designated Fund

A Designated Fund allows you to name charities that you wish to support in perpetuity through annual grant payments. The fund can be named after your family, business, or the designated charity.

You can begin with an initial investment and then continue to build your fund over time. The timing and size of grants will depend upon the value of the fund.

Establish a Field of Interest Fund

This type of fund allows you to direct the income from your fund more broadly to cover a particular area of interest rather than any specific organization such as arts, youth, health, education, sport and environment.

Leave a Lasting Legacy in Your Estate Plan

You can easily provide for a gift to the community by specifying your wishes in your will/bequest. There can be considerable tax advantages when charitable gifts are included as part of an estate plan.  Please talk to your lawyer or professional advisor to simplify the process and maximize the tax advantages. It can also be beneficial to make your wishes known to your family and the designated executor. No matter your age, you can set everything up now to ensure your wishes will be met. We recommend you seek planning advice from your professional advisor.

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Your charitable organization can set up an Agency Fund with us, creating a long-term source of revenue. By pooling investments, we will reduce your risk while optimizing returns. We also can help to grow your investment, ensuring you get the most from our partnership. The Port Coquitlam Community Foundation accepts donations on behalf of these organizations.

Establishing an agency endowment fund at Port Coquitlam Community Foundation is a simple and efficient way to build income for your charitable organization.