Welcome to the Port Coquitlam Community Foundation

The Port Coquitlam Community Foundation (PCCF) serves the people of Port Coquitlam. Our work allows us to invest in local charities and create a community in which everyone’s needs are met. We focus on our city’s greatest needs and opportunities through our philanthropy, grants and leadership.

Our vision is a healthy and vibrant Port Coquitlam.

Our superpower is our local Port Coquitlam knowledge and our ability to respond to immediate community needs.

The city of Port Coquitlam proclaims September 2021 Community Foundations Month

BC is home to 49 of Canada’s CF, each one makes a significant philanthropic contributions to their communities across the province. The proclamation of Community Foundations Month both provincially and in Port Coquitlam helps us to educate about the role CFs play in supporting non-profits & charities. Since 2012 PoCo Community Foundation has made positive changes in PoCo by funding over $500,000 in grants.

Our message is simple, we ask the people and businesses of PoCo to invest in their community.
The PoCo Community Foundation takes a group of individuals, linked only by the place in which they live or work, to a group of people with the common goal of a community in which everyone’s needs are met, where we are connected and supported. As a public foundation, we help individuals, families & businesses to fulfill their philanthropic wishes.

We are local. We are dedicated to the community. We believe in the power of community.

Give now or give later through gift planning – together we are creating a greater good and greater future in Port Coquitlam.


Connections and engagement in response to issues identified through community dialogue and research.


Put the community of Port Coquitlam at the centre of every donation with easy giving options.


Community grants to support local charitable organizations help build a healthy, vibrant and livable Port Coquitlam.

Professional Advisors

Partner with us to help your clients fulfill their charitable goals.