Community Grant Applications Now Closed

Each year, the Port Coquitlam Community Foundation funds projects proposed by registered charities active in the areas of youth, seniors, health and wellness, homelessness, arts and culture and organized sports. The PoCo Foundation Grant Program focuses on projects that take an innovative approach to serving the citizens of Port Coquitlam. Grants are provided based on the availability of funds and how well the proposed project aligns with our grant guidelines.

Please note: TSLF Arts Grant Applications open until midnight November 30th 2021.

Our Granting Goals

  • Have a direct and meaningful impact on a significant number of people
  • When possible, involve community partnerships and maximize and leverage PoCo Community Foundation’s investments
  • Strive to fund innovative programs or services
  • Ensure objectives for each grant are met and the final report has been received
  • Endeavour to have each funded project or program align with the vision, mission and values
  • Recognize and value diversity, equity and inclusion within the community
  • Respond to the changing nature of the community by listening to community organizations in order to identify areas of high priority as they arise

What We Fund

  • Organizations of any size
  • Projects, programs, or services viewed as being innovative (out-of-the-box)
  • Any type of opportunity: start-up, operating, etc.
  • Capital projects (where the capital piece is key to the success of the project)
  • Salaries as part of an overall project
  • Operating funds in cases of urgent need where an applicant has a plan for sustainability.
  • NEW Projects that respond to needs arising from COVID-19 pandemic in Port Coquitlam

We Do Not Fund

  • Organizations that discriminate by race, religion, color, creed, sex, age or national origin
  • Individuals (note – except for bursaries and scholarships)
  • Advertising for benefit purposes including sporting events, conferences
  • Religious or sectarian organizations unless engaged in a project benefiting the entire community, not just members of the religious or sectarian group
  • Annual fundraising campaigns
  • Debt retirement
  • Retroactively to projects that have already taken place
  • Endowment funds

Funding Rules

  • CRA registration must be current and in good standing with CRA or a Registered Non-Profit with a signed Intermediary Agreement with a qualified donee
  • All submitted materials become the property of the PoCo Community Foundation
  • Organizations must demonstrate the ability to realize their mission by demonstrating viability and long-term stability
  • The potential recipient organization does not have to be based in Port Coquitlam, but the project or program in question must directly impact Port Coquitlam

Granting Model

  • The PoCo Community Foundation operates on an annual granting cycle (a single granting cycle per annum)
  • Only one request per year will be accepted from a specific grant applicant
  • We will fund a specific project/ program for no more than three consecutive years; the PoCo Community Foundation reserves the right to extend past three years
  • A successful grant recipient must take a one-year break before they can re-apply if they have already received three consecutive years of funding
  • In the event the grant recipient cannot complete the project or program, for any reason, all unused grant money shall be immediately returned
  • In the event the grant recipient ceases to operate or becomes insolvent, all unused grant money shall be immediately returned to PoCo Community Foundation
  • The criteria for all granting decision conditions will remain confidential to the PoCo Community Foundation Granting Committee and Board

Review Process

As part of the review process, the Granting Committee may request to visit the premises of an applicant or program for which funds are requested. While site visits may require some accommodation on the part of both the applicant and the Granting Committee, refusal to accommodate a site visit may result in the application being denied.

Grant Decisions

Following the review of formal applications, and after consideration of any other information that may have been gained through site visits, the Granting Committee will make recommendations to the PoCo Community Foundation Board of Directors, whose decisions are final.


Granting decisions to both successful and unsuccessful applicants are emailed in a timely fashion.

Accountability Agreements

All successful applicants are required to sign an Accountability Agreement prior to receiving funds. The agreement will clearly state all terms and conditions associated with the specific grant received.

All grant recipients are required to submit a final report as a condition of receiving funding. Failure to submit a final report within the agreed to time frame may result in the denial of future grants or the denial of balance of payments. The Granting Committee is responsible for defining the specific requirements of a final report.

Public Announcements

PoCo Community Foundation requires that all grant recipients provide appropriate recognition for grants received. At its discretion, PoCo Foundation may publish details of any grants in its communications materials.

PoCo Community Grant Application

All Community Grant applications must have a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) charitable registration number. If you are a BC Registered Non-profit Society without a CRA charitable registration number, please email to inquire about next steps to use an Intermediary Agreement. More information on Intermediary Agreements can be found here.

If your organization is eligible, follow one of the following processes to apply. Paper or email applications are not accepted.

1. Oral Application
Live or recorded oral applications are accepted. Please contact if you wish to submit an oral application.

2. Online Application
All submitted materials become the property of PoCo Community Foundation. By submitting an application, you consent to and acknowledge that PoCo Community Foundation may share information about your application and/or your organization on our website and with media, our staff, donors, and subject-matter experts.

PDF of Online Application
Excel Budget File