Vital Signs®

The Port Coquitlam Community Foundation strives to identify and solve social issues in our community. To accomplish this, we are part of Vital Signs, a national program coordinated by the Community Foundations of Canada. Vital Signs measures community vitality and shapes action to improving quality of life.

A new community initiative for PCCF, Vital Signs leverages local knowledge combined with highly relevant research data from the Community Foundations of Canada to help determine Port Coquitlam’s most critical area of need. This proven process will allow PCCF to identify a key issue and seek solutions and provide strategic funding.

Ultimately, the goal is make Port Coquitlam an even better place to live, work and play.

Vital Signs Advisory Task Force

In May 2018, the board of directors of Port Coquitlam Community Foundation appointed 14 distinguished members of the community to its Vital Signs Advisory Task Force.
They are: