A night to connect, unite and nourish community.

The three community foundations involved are:

We’ve Listened to Our Communities and We’ve Responded

  1. The Tri-Cities Community Foundations responded to COVID-19 by raising Covid-19 Community Response funds.
  2. We heard concerns from charities, non-profits of the adverse economic effects of COVID-19 on their operations and services.
  3. We recognized the immediate needs of our charitable sector. The economic impact of Covid-19, reduced funding and loss of work mobilized the three Tri-Cities Community Foundation to mobilize and inspire our citizens to give locally.
  4. We want to combat the social distancing effects in our community and the isolation of vulnerable people in our communities.
  5. The united front from our community foundations to respond TOGETHER creates a greater impact in the Tri-Cities, building economic sustainability and social capital with our charitable sector.

In April 2020 with the Tri-Cities Community Foundations began to collaborate and set a plan to work together in order to fund raise for a Covid-19 Community Response Fund. As part of a National Movement of 191 Community Foundations across Canada, we kicked off our campaign with a “Stay at Home Gala on May 2nd, 2020. We had less than two weeks to plan and produce the Tri-Cities first Stay at Home Gala.

We mobilized friends of the Foundations. Everyone volunteered their time talents and treasures under the direction of PoCo Foundation’s Executive Director as the Gala Chair alongside leadership from Coquitlam Foundation and Port Moody Foundation.

We partnered with the business community, reaching out first to Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce and then to the local business associations.

We called out community leaders to join our volunteer team. Our success was due to the collective talents of the organizing team from our gala event planners to our gala emcees to our auction team and sponsorship committee – all were responsible for the success of this innovative gala event! Of course, we could not have done any this without the amazing gala talent, sponsors and donations from you. A huge thank you to our Tri-Cities Communities!

A final thanks to Butter Studios Agency for this video montage of the evening.