Stroke Recovery Association of BC


Target category: Health

About the Organization: The Stroke Recovery Association of BC (SRABC) provides services and information to anyone whose life has been affected by stroke, and to other stakeholders in the field of stroke recovery, such as healthcare professionals.

With approximately 30 Branches throughout BC, SRABC offers a range of programs and services to assist stroke survivors and their caregivers. They provide a friendly social environment where stroke survivors and caregivers can get support and help in coping with life after stroke. Branches offer activities such as social events, exercise, communication and cognitive stimulation.

Project Name: The Singing Project

About the Project: The Singing Project is a weekly sing-along music session (The Singing Project) at “The Gathering Place” where Stroke Survivors and the citizens of Port Coquitlam can equally participate.

There is scientific evidence that suggest stroke survivors can be helped in recovering their speech through singing. Music therapists and speech pathologists help patients with communication disorders, caused by damage to the brain’s left hemisphere, by using singing to stimulate the undamaged part of the brain in order to facilitate speech recovery.

The goals of the project are:

  • To give stroke survivors the opportunity to participate in a community program where they can work at regaining their ability to speak.
  • To offer a program where there is opportunity to build friendships with individuals in their community.
  • To offer a program where participants have the opportunity to reap the rewards of what singing offers: reduced levels of stress, increased mental stimulation, posture improves, increased circulation, even exercising the major muscles in the upper body.



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