2017 Grant Recipients

The 2017 Grant recipients were: Children of the Street Society, I am Someone, Port Coquitlam Heritage Society, Stroke Recovery Society, Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society and Watershed Watch Salmon Society.   

Projects include: Youth workshops on sexual exploitation prevention, TEXT 211 Bullying support call centre, publish a children’s book on the history of Port Coquitlam therapeutic singing program for stroke survivors, supporting free transportation for cancer patients and an education campaign on invasive plant species.

2016 Grant Recipients

The 2016 Grant recipients were: HUB Cycling, I Am Someone, Pacific Post-Partum Support Society (PPPSS), Tri-City Transitions & West Coast Families Centres

Projects include: supporting road bike safety for children, support for those suffering from bullying, telephone support for pregnant and postpartum mothers dealing with PDD/A, new project to support battered woman through music and expanding a budget gourmet program supporting families living in poverty.

2015 Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the 2015 Grant recipients: ACCESS, CERA, The Children of the Street Society, Riverside Secondary School, Stroke Recovery Association and Wilson Center.

Projects include: supporting mobile drop in service for youth, education and prevention programs for youth and children about exploitation, community youth justice system, multi-cultural story telling festival, weekly sing-along program for stroke recovery and providing community services for seniors living in isolation.

2014 Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the 2014 Grant recipients: BC Schizophrenia Society, Children of the Street Society, Compassionate Friends, PoCo Heritage Society, Riverside Secondary and Stroke Recovery Association of B.C.