There are many ways to build capacity and vitality in a community.  The PoCo Community Foundation is committed to supporting the broadest possible needs in the community.  You will see by the following stories that we believe that all areas of interest are important and integral to a healthy community.

2016 Grant Stories

The PoCo Foundation granted $4,315 to HUB Cycling for their week-long  HUB Cycling Ride the Road course that was delivered to more than 150 Minnekhada Middle School students in Sept 2016 and provided advanced instruction on cycling skills and road rules, along with bike care, safe cycling practices, and on-road practice.  Read more

The $4,500 grant allowed I Am Someone to end the hurt from bullying through education, support and technology, to work with students in Poco to figure out how to reach kids being bullied. Read more

Instead of rejoicing in the arrival of a new baby, one out of every six women will feel anxious and/or depressed, changing a joyous occasion into a tremendously stressful time for the family. Support can be hard to find but thanks to a $3,750 grant from the PCCF, new mothers in Poco are able to telephone for support. Read more

Counselling and therapy are the traditional services offered to women trying to overcome the trauma of family violence but an innovative program offered by Tri-City Transitions helped a dozen Poco women heal through music, dance, and art. Funded by a $4,500 grant from the PCCF, Read more

Helping families strong and healthy is the goal of Westcoast Family Centres (Tri-Cities) which offers free programs to families with children from birth to 15. The PoCo Community Foundation grant provided $1,240 to buy toys, games and crafts for the playroom and kitchen supplies for people attending programs at the Centre. Read more

2015 Grant Stories

  • A brightly painted bus that roams the streets of Poco providing a safe haven for many at risk youth. Thanks to the PCCF grant we have been able to expand our program services called Project Reach Out. Read more
  • Poco youth learn to recognize and resist sexual exploitation & human trafficking . Poco is no stranger to this phenomenon but thanks to a $4,375 grant from the PoCo, more than 750 local students are now aware of the issue. Read more
  • Forty to 50 local youth are part of a restorative justice program that each year saves the criminal justice system thousands of dollars and brings closure to victims. Read more
  • Students hosted a storytelling festival attended by staff, students and parents at Riverside. Armed with a $500 grant from the PCCF, the festival focused on sharing traditional fairy tales such as Cinderella in many different languages, and other folktales. Read more
  • Recovering the ability to speak through singing was the idea behind a program unique to Poco put on by the Stroke Recovery Association of BC. Supported by a $2,000 grant from the PCF and using donated space in Leigh Square Community Arts Village, The Singing Project ran for two 12-week periods in the fall of 2015 and spring 2016. Read more