Everybody wins when you make a gift of appreciated stock to The Port Coquitlam Community Foundation. Your gift stays in Port Coquitlam, helping us to build our local community.

How it Works:

  • You make a gift of eligible securities directly to your community foundation.
  • Your gift can be placed into a named fund, in the name of your family or business, or in honour of any person or organization you choose. For example, you can use your gift to create a Designated Fund or a Donor Advised Fund. Or you can establish an Unrestricted Fund so your gift can respond to the most pressing community needs.
  • Your gift qualifies for a tax credit and you avoid the capital gains tax that would otherwise arise from the sale of this stock.
  • We handle all the administrative details.
  • Your gift can be placed into an endowment that is invested over time. Earnings from your fund are used to make grants addressing community needs. Your gift – and all future earnings from your gift – is a permanent source of community capital, helping to do good work forever.
  • Giving eligible appreciated stocks, mutual funds or employee options through a community foundation is popular among a range of givers – individual investors, families, entrepreneurs, and even groups of friends who have formed investment club.

More benefits

By giving stock through your community foundation, you can avoid capital gains taxes that would be due as a result of the sale of the stock and establish a charitable fund that benefits the local causes and organizations you care about most. With gifts of appreciated stock, your stock market earnings translate into community impact, so you get a more rewarding return on your portfolio. You can support special programs for at-risk youth, senior citizens, or other people in need; address environmental concerns; or support the arts.

Other ways of helping The Port Coquitlam Community Foundation:

  • Gifts of Life insurance: If you have given a life insurance policy to a registered charity consider using appreciated stock to fund the annual premium payments.
  • Bequests or Gifts by will: If you have left a charitable gift in your will, consider including language to allow your executor or trustee to take advantage of appreciated stock to fund the gift to gain the tax benefits for your estate.

Our approach

Many organizations are working for better communities, but a few important factors make our approach stand out:

We bring donors to the table as community builders

We help them formulate and realize their philanthropic goals, matching their interests and concerns with community needs and organizations. We help them find innovative and responsible ways to give their investments lasting impact.

We take the broadest view of what a community is and what it needs to succeed

That’s why our grants support everything from shelter, sustenance and care for those most in need, to recreation, the arts, and the environment.

We take the long-term view for our communities

We identify long-term needs and opportunities and invest in sustainable solutions, helping our communities become resilient, resourceful, and ready for the future they want.